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OneOps Releases 2016 Q1

Wow - what a busy quarter we had! Of course our highlight was the open sourcing of OneOps, but we did not rest after either. As you can see below we introduced many new features with a weekly release cycle.

Release 2016.03.30

Circuit Updates:

  • Java 8 support added for solrcloud.rb
  • Cloud RDBMS pack available
  • Added JBoss version 6.4.0

Release 2016.03.24

Circuit Updates:

  • Kafka available
  • Added Carbonate tool to Graphite pack
  • Added kafka-hdfs pack

Release 2016.03.16

Circuit Updates:

  • Added configurable repo path for main source Apache pack.
  • Added Dependency download to user

Release 2016.03.09

  • Ability to define pack level defaults for platform attributes like auto replace or auto scale configuration.

Circuit Updates:

  • add auto-start and monitoring for memcached
  • cargovan-storm updated

Release 2016.03.02

  • OS package update action is available.

GUI updates:

  • Platform diagram in design phase moved to a dedicated tab
  • Delete environment button now moved from Summary to Configuration page view

Circuit Updates:

  • Added storm version 0.10.0
  • RHEL/CentOS 6.7 is now available and Default to Cloud setting is pointed to 6.7 image

Release 2016.02.24

Circuit Updates:

Open Source release for packs:

  • Zookeeper
  • Redisio
  • NodeJs

Release 2016.02.17

Circuit Updates:

  • Added thrift protocol in secGroup
  • Added new Redisio version 3.0.4 and 3.0.7
  • Added support for Graphite 0.9.15

Release 2016.02.10

  • New Settings tab added to assembly view. Delete assembly button moved under this tab.

Circuit Updates:

  • secondary_down boolean flag added to Daemon component. This ensures alerts are received if flag is turned ON and secondary cloud daemon instances are UP.
  • Apache Cassandra version 2.1.12 is available
  • Enabled Ganglia monitoring in lola-spark pack

Release 2016.02.03

Release 2016.01.27

Circuit Updates:

  • Upgraded zookeeper jdk to 8
  • Added SolrMonitoring pack

Release 2016.01.20

  • Custom Monitoring
  • Collapsable banner

Release 2016.01.13

LB horizontal scaling:

  • Every existing environment platform will undergo compute/fqdn/lb component update associated with any deployment post 13/01/2016

Auto healing flags moved from environment configuration in transition to platform in operate phase:

  • 3 new buttons are now visible on platform operation page[auto-repair, auto-replace and auto-scale(visible only to redundant platforms)]
  • The flags can no longer be configured on environment create/update
  • This allows certain platforms to have auto replace enabled e.g web based platforms like tomcat while others can keep them disabled e.g. data based platforms like Couchbase
  • Only auto-repair will be turned ON by default for all platforms.

UI additions/improvements:

  • Security: User session inactivity timeout of 30mins
  • Security: Only one simultaneous session is allowed
  • Notification graph now available on assembly, environment operation pages along with notification report page
  • Improved performance of page loading
  • Pagination for notification report with ability to filter on text in the subject as well as in the body

Circuit updates:

  • Added new ‘oneops’ source.
    • Users now have option to choose from 3 sources(main, oneops and walmartlabs) while creating new platform
    • The new ‘oneops’ source is the only source available to OneOps opensource
    • This source will eventually replace entire ‘main’ source.
    • Migration plan from main to oneops source will be announced separately
  • added Ruby component to jenkinsslave pack
  • new php version 5.5.30 available
  • optional hostname component is available to all packs
  • new es version 2.1.1 available
  • Added MirrorMaker Lag monitoring

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