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OneOps Releases 2016 Q2

Sticking to our weekly release cycle, we implemented a whole bunch of new features as well as got bugs and problems eliminated. Among others, we added a typeahead feature for lists and other UI elements and a few other improvements on user interface. Numerous packs also got a refresh treatment.

so here are the releases of Q2

Release 2016.06.22

  • Design pull feature is completely async. On design pull failure, an error message will be displayed on environment summary page
  • Ability to browse logs in full screen. On deployment log, click on lookup icon to view formatted or unformatted log in a separate browser tab
  • OneOps Core release tag 16.06.24-RC1

Release 2016.06.08

  • Added prompt/placeholder display in the form attribute input to help user with form input entry especially for structured attributes like hash and array.
  • Added “health” tab to platform operations page. Extended instance list filtering and sorting with “namespace” and “component type”. Improved generic list filtering typeahead usability.
  • OneOps Core release tag 16.06.08-RC1

Release 2016.06.01

  • Improved parsing error reporting and handling for design load.
  • Added ‘Replace” and ‘Undo Replace’ options to the actions drop-down operations
  • Added cloud marker for instance page
  • OneOps Core release tag 16.06.02-RC1

Release 2016.05.25

  • Enhanced RFC history view for any DJ resource. The history will show the list of historical RFCs for committed releases for a given CI and linked relations
  • OneOps Core release tag 16.05.25-RC2

Release 2016.05.18

Release 2016.05.11

Release 2016.05.06

  • OneOps variable typeahead (lookup)

Circuit Update

Release 2016.04.27

  • Improved error message
  • New Circuits available under “oneops” source
    • Flamegraph
    • Dotnetcli
    • F5 cloud service

Circuit Update

Release 2016.04.20

Circuit Update

  • Spark Pack version 1.6.1 added to Circuit Main 1
  • Compute auto-repair to reboot couchbase server with noted conditions are met
  • Centos 7.2 support added
  • Added support for Apache Storm verison 1.0.0
  • Graphite: check dup or under-repl metric files

Release 2016.04.13

Circuit Update

  • DSE pack- Java 8 and DSE 4.8.4 as default
  • Jboss version 4.3 pack available
  • Added Play pack version 2.3

Release 2016.04.06

Circuit Update

  • Added ES pack version 2.2.1
  • Keystore component added so users can add certs to node computes.
  • Added ring support for Kafka-hdfs pack
  • Added Apache 2.4.17 version

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