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It's a Big One - OneOps Release 17.01.05-STABLE

We are kicking off the year 2017 with a release that brings a host of new features and bug fixes after slowing down a bit in Q4 2016. And there are some significant ones like PoC-type support for the Google Cloud Platform, various improvements for Windows computes and a number of UI enhancements.

And we are not slowing down either. The next release is already in the pipeline with numerous merges pending. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Check out what is in the new 17.01.05-STABLE release first.

New Features

  • Auto-pause feature for deployment before deployment steps
  • New Timeline tab in the Design section showing releases
  • New Timeline tab in the environment transition section showing releases
  • Beta release of support of Windows images via openstack cloud
  • Ability to execute attachments around actions e.g. execute attachment after restart
  • Phase 1 for version controlled configuration with backend APIs
  • Option to suppress load alerts during compute replacement
  • Ability to create separate alerts for different socket states
  • Bulk pull of a design to multiple environments
  • Log4j property configuration support for Tomcat
  • Proof of concept for support for Google Cloud Platform usage as cloud provider
  • API for cloud offerings

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Numerous bug fixes made it into this release. Here is a list of the more significant ones:

  • Fixed nginx status action and website repair
  • Correction on state counter values in notification
  • Allow chaining of global variables and correct interpolation
  • Updated look and feel for action buttons
  • Enable access to local platform variables in action recipes
  • Redis pack deployment and compute replacement fixes

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