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One Year OneOps as Open Source

Exactly one year ago today, OneOps became available to the open source community. It has been a great journey since then. Some things stayed the same, other things changed. We learned a lot and we are still in the process of improving everything for you all and getting better at working with everyone out there. But let’s look back and see what we have accomplished.

Working up to the initial open source release and afterwards we get a lot of traction in the press. And we followed up on that with various team members attending conferences and other events and presenting about OneOps and various use cases we encounter daily.

In terms of the code we certainly did not keep still either over the year. We released nearly 40 new versions of OneOps including many improvements on the user interface and the various core components of OneOps. We added many new packs for supporting new applications and frameworks and improved the existing ones. Check out the release notes in the OneOps Team Blog for more details. Just in this short month of January alone we created two significant release adding things such as Google Cloud Platform beta support, Windows compute beta support and others - 17.01.05-STABLE.

Since the creation of OneOps in 2011 the team of developers and contributors has grown to over 100 and we hope the product shows that. OneOps has certainly achieved a lot for us. Just in sheer numbers here are a few interesting facts about our own usage of OneOps at Walmart:

  • Our deployment has been up and running for over 3 years now through lots of upgrades and changes.
  • Over 7,500 OneOps users are spread over about 500 organizations.
  • Over 5,000 assemblies are running in over 10,000 environments.
  • Another 50,000 deployments in January 2017 alone contributed to the total of over 750,000 deployments.
  • Hardware and other failures are no problem - OneOps performed over 50,000 automated repairs in our deployment.
  • Computes come and go! About 5,000 per month are added and about the same amount is removed.
  • Over 130,000 computes have been added over time.
  • Our users pay attention with nearly 1,000,000 monitors.

And thanks to the fact that OneOps is open source, you can leverage its features and benefits to free your cloud applications and empower your developers across whatever cloud infrastructure and stack they use as well!

So what is next you ask? We have a lot in our pipeline with another release just around the corner and lots of great improvements for OneOps on the road-map. Updates to the website and other material for our users are rapidly moving along as well. So watch this space for updates and send your feedback our way.


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