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OneOps Training Video Series Launched

Ever wondered how to use Favorites in OneOps? Or what the benefits of OneOps using Clouds are? Or you just got stuck with a task in OneOps and can’t seem to figure it out? And you would rather just see how it’s done? Lean back with a cup of coffee and learn. Today we got something new for you - the freshly started OneOps Training video series.

With this video series we are starting off an effort to help you in your daily usage of OneOps. The first episode talks about the cloud concept and the benefits it brings to you:

We got two more episodes ready for you as well. Both episodes show you how to be more efficient in the OneOps user interface.

The episodes are added to the website in the appropriate places and they are available in the OneOps Training playlist on the new Walmart Technology Community YouTube channel.

All this is just the start however, we are going to talk about managing computes, designing assemblies, configuring notifications and many other aspects in future episodes. What those will be in detail however, depends on you. So contact us to give us an idea for an episode, one made especially for you.


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