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Your Cloud Application Needs to be Unchained

The recent major Amazon AWS outage affected a lot of e-commerce sites. Some estimate that more than 50 of the top 100 e-commerce sites were affected. And you can rest assured that a lot of other websites, applications and backend systems experienced down-times and outages as well. Amazon and its various sites were however not affected, because their systems are distributed across data centres. To be on the safe side with a large system you could take it on level beyond that with OneOps and use multiple cloud providers.

The analysis report from Amazon gives you an insight on how interconnected the systems for a large cloud system are and that they are making improvements to reduce the likelihood for such failures. This is certainly a laudable effort, yet as a AWS user you are still at the mercy of Amazon. And the situation is not any different it you rely on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or your own OpenStack deployment.

The only way to decrease your risk of outages due to problems with your cloud provider, is to put your eggs in more than one basket as they say - so to use more than one cloud provider. Unchain your cloud application!

That’s impossible you say? You have to re-implement all your provisioning processes to use the APIs of multiple cloud providers. Sure, if you have hard-coded everything for a specific API, but there is a better way.

You could use OneOps! Check out our video that explains a bit more about the cloud concept in OneOps.

OneOps allows you to define your applications needs and architecture for your cloud-based applications in an agnostic way. Once defined, you can deploy the application in multiple clouds and move them around as you like - all using the same tooling. Sounds pretty good, you say? It sure is and it powers all the sites we run at Walmart around the globe using a number of internal OpenStack systems as well as external clouds. So in terms of scale it should work for you too.

So go ahead and check out some more resources on the site, give OneOps a whirl and contact us for help!


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