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About OneOps
Cloud Application
Lifecycle Management

OneOps is a cloud management and application lifecycle management platform that developers use to both develop and launch new products faster, and to more easily maintain them throughout their entire lifecycle. OneOps enables developers to code their products in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

This means developers can switch between different cloud providers to take advantage of better pricing, technology or scalability – without being locked into one cloud provider.


Our mission is to give our customers the most agile, cost-effective, flexible application lifecycle management solution for enterprise class workloads in the cloud.


OneOps was founded in the spring of 2011 by three industry veterans experienced in running some of the largest web environments. It is through this experience that they re-invented how applications should be provisioned and managed in the cloud computing era. OneOps was acquired by @WalmartLabs in May 2013 to accelerate the adoption of cloud in the context of the Global eCommerce division’s Pangaea initiative. OneOps manages several eCommerce properties within the Walmart portfolio including walmart.com, and Sam’s Club. In January 2016, @WalmartLabs released OneOps as open source software project under the Apache 2.0 license.

Contact Us

We are seeking to build a robust community around this product. If you are a cloud provider, infrastructure hardware vendor, software vendor, represent an open source product or are a consultancy, we’d enjoy hearing from you. Please reach out to us via partner@oneops.com .

If you’re interested in using OneOps within your company, we’ll be around to help you get going on OneOps Slack (request an invite or sign up yourself) .