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Whether we are planning an event, make a new release available, present at a conference or user group meeting or have something cool to share. The OneOps Team Blog here is the place to be for the latest news and more on OneOps.

You might also be curious about what happens In The Press and Elsewhere.

But now, here is the latest from the OneOps team - unless you want to see it all in the archive:

17 April 2017 - Manfred Moser

Performance Matters - OneOps Release 17.04.12

One of the often overlooked fact of web application design and usability, and even generally any application is that performance matters. It matters a lot. If actions take too long users get distracted with other tasks, while waiting and loose focus. And then they make mistakes and its all the applications fault. With this release we are bringing some incredible performance improvements to our users.

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7 April 2017 - Manfred Moser

Fixer Upper - OneOps Release 17.04.05-STABLE

This week we are improving performance for plan generation, expanding the SQL Server support and fixing a few bugs.

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30 March 2017 - Manfred Moser

Visibility - OneOps Release 17.03.30-STABLE

Visibility and control is theme that can be seen in our current release. Specifically we are adding visibility into some statistics about pack usage in operation. This information is useful for pack users, authors and administrators. And we are adding control to restrict pack usage for authors.

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13 March 2017 - Manfred Moser , Jason van Zyl

Ansible Plans

Ansible is an automation system for your IT infrastructure. It is a very popular tool for provisioning servers and applications and managing the configuration. Many of our OneOps users are using Ansible and brought the suggestion to us to embrace the usage of Ansible and its playbooks. On the other hand there are a lot of Ansible users that could benefit from the usage of OneOps, to unchain and manage their cloud applications.

So we decided to bridge that gap for the users and are now are actively working on bringing the two systems to a closer cooperation and integration.

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10 March 2017 - Manfred Moser

Little One - OneOps Release 17.03.08-STABLE

Another weekly release with a few smaller fixes for you from our diverse and distributed team and a gem of a new feature for our advanced users.

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3 March 2017 - Manfred Moser

Your Cloud Application Needs to be Unchained

The recent major Amazon AWS outage affected a lot of e-commerce sites. Some estimate that more than 50 of the top 100 e-commerce sites were affected. And you can rest assured that a lot of other websites, applications and backend systems experienced down-times and outages as well. Amazon and its various sites were however not affected, because their systems are distributed across data centres. To be on the safe side with a large system you could take it on level beyond that with OneOps and use multiple cloud providers.

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2 March 2017 - Khushboo Lohia , Manfred Moser

Bug Fixes - OneOps Release 17.03.02-STABLE

This week we are following up with a few bug fixes only. Lots of other stuff is in the pipeline for future releases though, but you are going to have to stay tuned regarding those.

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27 February 2017 - Brett Bourquin , Manfred Moser

Tomcat Pack Update

The tomcat pack provides version 7.x of the Apache Tomcat web application server and is a very popular pack for OneOps users running Java-powered web applications. With the recent release we are bringing you an important update to the pack.

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23 February 2017 - Khushboo Lohia , Manfred Moser

Glorious Charts - OneOps Release 17.02.23-STABLE

Nothing beats charts full of monitoring data, when it comes to investigating problems with your application running in operation. And with this release we are bringing you a few key improvements to an already amazing monitoring system. You got to check it out and to make that easy we even have a demo video for you.

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16 February 2017 - Khushboo Lohia , Manfred Moser

Slack and More - OneOps Release 17.02.16-STABLE

We are on a roll! Just a week has passed and we are alreday giving you another release. This time with some significant features like support for Slack notifications.

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8 February 2017 - Khushboo Lohia , Manfred Moser

Following Up - OneOps Release 17.02.08-STABLE

Not even a week has passed and we are following up with a release with a number of bug fixes and improvements.

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2 February 2017 - Khushboo Lohia , Manfred Moser

On Schedule - OneOps Release 17.02.02-STABLE

We are definitely back to our release cycle of every two weeks. This means we bring you enhancements and fixes in a regular cadence and you get access to them faster. Keeping that in mind, every release is a bit smaller in terms of changes - good for the stability of your running instance. So let’s see what we got this time.

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30 January 2017 - Khushboo Lohia , Manfred Moser

OneOps Training Video Series Launched

Ever wondered how to use Favorites in OneOps? Or what the benefits of OneOps using Clouds are? Or you just got stuck with a task in OneOps and can’t seem to figure it out? And you would rather just see how it’s done? Lean back with a cup of coffee and learn. Today we got something new for you - the freshly started OneOps Training video series.

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26 January 2017 - Khushboo Lohia , Kulwinder Saroya , Manfred Moser

Following up with Polish - OneOps Release 17.01.25-STABLE

In addition to celebrating one year OneOps as open source project we are giving you another release. This time we focused on polishing what we delivered with the large release earlier this month. But, as usual, we also added a few new things.

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25 January 2017 - Manfred Moser

One Year OneOps as Open Source

Exactly one year ago today, OneOps became available to the open source community. It has been a great journey since then. Some things stayed the same, other things changed. We learned a lot and we are still in the process of improving everything for you all and getting better at working with everyone out there. But let’s look back and see what we have accomplished.

Working up to the initial open source release and afterwards we get a lot of traction in the press. And we followed up on that with various team members attending conferences and other events and presenting about OneOps and various use cases we encounter daily.

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