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28 December 2016

OneOps Releases 2016 Q4

Khushboo Lohia , Kulwinder Saroya , Manfred Moser

Closing off our first year as open source project, we slowed down on the releases a bit for a code freeze towards the end of year. The two October releases provided some rich enhancements and a stable base. With the year coming to an end we are lined up well for a great release coming in January. Stay tuned for more on that right here on the blog.

Release 2016.10.20

  • Sensor counter API revival to identify state change
  • Improve performance of CI delete by enabling aggressive caching to save huge DB calls
  • Search module clean up and performance optimization
  • CMS variable caching
  • UI bug fix for deployment overlay
  • OneOps Core release tag 16.10.20-RC1

Release 2016.10.12

  • Exponential delay for auto repair
  • Ability to highlight and share log lines
  • Support for Partial release commit by namespace.
  • Added Cluster health stats in notification payload
  • Optimization of Deployment status to get just deployment record status
  • Deployment/Release timeline back-end support
  • Refactoring Offering evaluation via SPEL
  • Allow use of variables in encrypted attributes
  • Variable interpolation for additional scenarios
  • OneOps Core release tag 16.10.13-RC1