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26 January 2017

Following up with Polish - OneOps Release 17.01.25-STABLE

Khushboo Lohia , Kulwinder Saroya , Manfred Moser

In addition to celebrating one year OneOps as open source project we are giving you another release. This time we focused on polishing what we delivered with the large release earlier this month. But, as usual, we also added a few new things.

New Features

  • Added display of IP address with copy features to the compute instance operations page
  • Feature to roll back to prior deployment of an environment based on version controlled configuration
  • Added ability to copy deploymentId from deployment overlay
  • New Stop on failure flag on deployment
  • Ability to lock monitor and prevent overrides on design pull
  • Added support for monitor configuration as part of design phase

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Various improvements related to the Windows compute support

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