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8 February 2017

Following Up - OneOps Release 17.02.08-STABLE

Khushboo Lohia , Manfred Moser

Not even a week has passed and we are following up with a release with a number of bug fixes and improvements.

New Features

  • Extended the Health count API to support assembly, environment and platform scope in addition to the already existing organization scope.
  • Improvements to the compute node instance list on the operation platform view
    • Show IP number of each instance.
    • Ability to get a list of IPs for selected instances from the list, including a copy to clipboard functionality.
    • Ability to retrieve all platform VM IPs by cloud, including copy to clipboard functionality.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixes to import and export via yaml files with monitor information.
  • Ensure discard of relations on platform discard operation.
  • Fix to allow identical component and pack name.

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