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23 February 2017

Glorious Charts - OneOps Release 17.02.23-STABLE

Khushboo Lohia , Manfred Moser

Nothing beats charts full of monitoring data, when it comes to investigating problems with your application running in operation. And with this release we are bringing you a few key improvements to an already amazing monitoring system. You got to check it out and to make that easy we even have a demo video for you.

Of course, this release includes a bunch of other improvements and bug fixes, but first .. have a look at this:

And before you read ahead - a special shout out goes to Lev for his great work on the charts and the CLI!

New Features

  • Many improvements to the charting system and user interface for monitoring, specifically around zoom features, pop-out, navigation and others.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Better visibility for favorites icon beside entities name
  • Improved ability to apply security compliance to computes
  • Fixed regression on release restore features
  • New flag for packs to manage behavior of Proceed_on_failure for delete work orders
  • OneOps CLI release 0.4.1 improvements:
    • Scaling action for transition/component
    • Explicit enable/disable platform action.
    • Concise way of specifying command in go yaml configuration
    • Env release commit/discard are moved to environment command
    • Sync mode for environment release commit
    • Design yaml load support for go
    • go help and yaml example
    • Optional attribute locking for go command flow.

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