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27 February 2017

Tomcat Pack Update

Brett Bourquin , Manfred Moser

The tomcat pack provides version 7.x of the Apache Tomcat web application server and is a very popular pack for OneOps users running Java-powered web applications. With the recent release we are bringing you an important update to the pack.

The pack is updated to Tomcat version 7.0.75 as the new default version from 7.0.70. The upgrade brings numerous fixes including the important mitigation of the security issue CVE-2016-8745 (original announcement). Check out the changelog for specific details about other changes. You can find the new version in the build version drop down.

In addition, the OneOps component changes are now propagated between artifact, tomcat and tomcat-daemon. This means that any updates to one of these components triggers events in the others. E.g. an upgrade of the tomcat component to the new version from this release triggers the artifact, e.a.your web application deployed to Tomcat, to be re-deployed to the new application server. And the combination of daemon and server and application is restarted..

We recommend to all users of the tomcat pack to upgrade their usage to the latest version and roll out the upgrade to all affected assemblies and their compute nodes.