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18 May 2017

Tomcat 8 for Everyone

Brett Bourquin , Manfred Moser

The tomcat pack provides version 7 of the Apache Tomcat web application server and is a very popular pack for OneOps users running Java-powered web applications. With the recent release we are bringing you an important update to the pack.

First and foremose we are adding support for version 8. This means that usage of Servlet Specification 3.1 and JSP Specification 2.3 is now possible in your applications. Specifically Tomcat version 8.5.12 is now available. Please see below for special consideration when upgrading.

We have also deprecated the mirrors attribute of the tomcat component. If the attribute is empty we will now use the mirror service of the cloud. All users are encouraged to remove any mirrors they have defined and leave the cloud administrators to take care of this detail for you. If defined the tomcat component will continue to use that attribute for backwards compatibility.

The build version is deprecated in favor of one drop down for the complete version as used by the the Tomcat project itself. Deprecation notices are added in the user interface as required for now and complete removal of the elements will follow in a future release. Please ensure to move to a version that is not deprecated.

Upgrading to 8.5.12

If you are upgrading from 7.0.x to 8.5+, note that the pack contains a hardcoding of the major version on the install directory and the name changes from tomcat7 to tomcat8. Make sure you review the tomcat, artifact, daemon and other components as required, to ensure that any references to tomcat7 are updated to tomcat8. This hardcoded setup will be removed in the near future.