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24 May 2017

In Preparation for Pack Versioning - OneOps Releases 17.05.19

Manfred Moser

This time we are adding some minor improvements, under the hood performance fixes and are including the new pack versioning feature for experimentation and limited usage throughout the user base.

The new pack versioning feature is rolled out as an optional feature, that does not affect any current usage. It allows you to activate versioning per pack and then users can choose a specific pack version with better information about changes between versions.

As a side effect of these improvements some of the user interface components around pack usage are improved for all users right now.

New Features

  • Optional configuration to enable pack versioning - PR 183, PR 184

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • REST endpoint for sensor to return release version (git tag) at /sensor/rest/ecv/status
  • Meaningful error message for MS SQL Server component failures - PR
  • Enable MD caching on controller as performance improvement - Commit
  • JSON version update in display

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