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9 August 2017

OneOps Commandline - Boo 1.0.14

Khushboo Lohia , Manfred Moser

The OneOps command line tool Boo is gaining a lot of traction and usage. With that heavy usage come feature requests and bug fixes. Thanks to the valiant efforts of our contributors and committers, we now have a new release - Boo 1.0.14.

Boo can be used to create new assemblies and environments in OneOps and get your cloud application deployed. And all that with a yaml file and a command line tool.

With the new release you are able to configure and create multiple environments. This is an important aspect of OneOps where different environments can deployed to mulitple clouds and be used for different usage patterns such as development, testing and production.

We hope to find even more enthusiastic Boo users with the new release.


OneOps Team