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Notifications to Slack

Notifications can be configured to use Slack channels as a notification sink.

Administrator Setup

In preparation an administrator needs to create a custom bot user for each Slack team that wants to receive notifications:

  1. Create a new custom bot user. If you are currently logged into Slack in your browser, try this link.
  2. Select the Slack team that will receive the notifications.
  3. Choose a username for your bot - e.g. oneopsbot
  4. Click the Add Bot Integration button
  5. Update other settings for the bot user as desired.
  6. Note down the API Token for the configuration in OneOPs.

In addition you need to configure the Slack integration in the OneOps notification service called Antenna by setting the environment variables for the Tomcat server running Antenna:

slack.url: The URL to reach the Slack chat service. Defaults to https://slack.com. You need to ensure that this host can be reached on the network. In an open deployment on the internet this is already the case. If OneOps runs in an isolated network you need to open up the network or introduce a reverse proxy server that can forward requests between Antenna and Slack. One option for such a reverse proxy server is NGINX.

slack.tokens: The Slack bot API tokens need to be provided to Antenna with this configuration. The supported syntax is a comma separated list of all your bot user tokens for each team like team1=<token1>,team2=<token2>.

Assuming your OneOps installation is managed and run by OneOps itself you can configure those environment variables for Antenna with the OneOps user interface:

  • Locate the assembly for OneOps core
  • Inspect the Design and locate the Antenna platform in the platforms list on the right
  • Click on the Antenna platform
  • Click on the Tomcat component in the list of components on the right
  • Press the Edit button
  • Locate Environment Variables and add slack.url and slack.tokens as required
  • Press the Save button

If OneOps is running via a manual install and is not managed by OneOps itself you have to configure the environment variables in the startup scripts for the Tomcat instance running Antenna.

User Configuration

With the administrator setup completed you can create your Slack notification sinks:

  1. Create a new notification sink with the type account.notification.slack.sink.
  2. Add the desired Channels to receive notifications in the Slack Config section.
  3. Optionally configure Text Formats for inserting additional texts into the message based on detected text. E.g., setting the Key field to critical and Value to :fire: ${text} results in the Fire emoji to be inserted before any occurrence of critical.
  4. If desired, enable Include Notification Fields.
  5. Save the new notification sink.
  6. Ensure that the Slack bot user has access to the channel. For public channels, this is automatically the case. For private channels the bot user needs to be added to the channel users.