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Ansible Plans

Ansible is an automation system for your IT infrastructure. It is a very popular tool for provisioning servers and applications and managing the configuration. Many of our OneOps users are using Ansible and brought the suggestion to us to embrace the usage of Ansible and its playbooks. On the other hand there are a lot of Ansible users that could benefit from the usage of OneOps, to unchain and manage their cloud applications.

So we decided to bridge that gap for the users and are now are actively working on bringing the two systems to a closer cooperation and integration.

Content Development

Our first focus is to support Ansible for OneOps content development. In a nutshell we want to be able to allow the usage of Ansible playbooks and roles as an extension of the infrastructure provisioning. Declarative provisioning with OneOps currently relies on pack development and usage of the REST API’s. Allowing the usage of Ansbile playbooks will make the creation easier for OneOps and Ansible users alike.

Cloud Provider

A next step is to create a OneOps cloud provider that uses Ansible. Once this is done, users will be able to purely use Ansible to interact with OneOps from a procedural point of view. OneOps will provide all the infrastructure, lifecycle management, monitoring, graph and log analysis and more

Lifecycle integration

Furthermore it will be great to allow Ansible to be part of the OneOps lifecycle so that automatic scaling of your assembly can use Ansible playbooks as necessary. Automatic compute repairs and replacements can include hooks for the execution of Ansible, just like during initial provisioning.


If you are interested in this work and would like have a sneak peak, just reach out to use on slack. Otherwise just watch this blog for news and you will be among the first to know.


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